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We made it our mission to provide the best quality service in this industry.

Decades of taking care of clients, this is our time to take care of you!

The world looks different through my eyes.

As a passionate enthusiast of the hunting industry, I have been fortunate enough to develop my skills and experiences alongside my father and dedicated uncles since I was a little boy. Our family has enjoyed years of hunting trips throughout Namibia and South Africa, which have allowed me to develop a deep appreciation for the sport and the culture surrounding it.

Throughout my years as a hunting guide, I have discovered a profound passion for connecting with people. I enjoy the opportunity to share our country's unique customs, culinary delights, and values with hunters all over the world.

With Wesco Safaris, my goal is to establish a hunting company that prioritizes people above all else, with hunting serving as a means to bring individuals together. Our team is committed to making every guest feel seen and valued, regardless of their age, race, or financial background. We take pride in creating lasting memories and relationships with those who choose to embark on a journey with us.


Wesco Safaris is excited about the chance to accompany you on the ideal hunting expedition for which you travelled to Africa. Our knowledgeable staff is committed to going above and beyond to give you a safe, pleasurable, and unforgettable experience.

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Jaco Wessels
Jaco Wessels

Owner and PH

Shane Miller
Shane Miller

USA Representative

Lorenzo Jacobs

PH in training

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