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What you need and don't

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What do you need to bring and regulations.

If you don't want to bring any firearms, you are more than welcome to use ours.

Sure, hunting with your own rifle or shotgun is the ultimate way to hunt Africa, and we would like to help you with a few regulations. If you are planning to hunt plains game, you must by law use a rifle larger than a .270. This however seems to slowly fade away due to the ever so popular 6.5 families.

More and more hunters would disregard the .270 rule to hunt with a 6.5 mm. Not the end of the world but advisable to bring the correct calibre, shooting bullets with high sectional density and expansion. Please refrain from bring along any solid bullets for hunting plains game. You will not be allowed to use them on wildlife!

If you are setting out for a dangerous game hunt, we would recommend NOTHING less than a .375 with .300 gr bullet. Barnes TSX does the job really well on thick-skinned animals.

When it comes to rifle scopes, you can bring what you got. We are not too picky, as long as you understand your scope and rifle's ballistics, you will be good to go.

If you are travelling to South Africa with rifles, Please keep the following laws and regulations in mind.

  • All hunters are allowed to bring two guns, as long it is not of the same calibre.
  • Only bring ammunition for the rifles you carry, and no more than 200 rounds per rifle.
  • You are not allowed to bring any automatic rifles for hunting or AR type platforms.
  • Be sure to have your ammunition stored and lock in a separate hard case holder and also separated from the firearms. This is for check-in luggage only.
  • Rifle/firearms must travel in hard case carriers with at least two padlocks securing the contents.

We can recommend Africa Sky Guest house to help with your temporary import/export of your firearms. They do however charge a small fee, but it is well worth it.

Africa Sky Guest house will pre-arrange your rifle permit and meet you in the arrivals' hall with your pre-arranged permit and assist you to collect your rifles.

You can email Them at to request application documentation.


Want to hire a rifle?

Those hunters travelling to South Africa looking to hunt with Wesco Safaris are more than welcome to rent a rifle with ammunition on a daily basis. We have a wide selection of rifles you can choose from but bear in mind it is a first come, first served deal.

It is also important for hunters to inform Wesco Safaris you will be renting a rifle before travelling to South Africa.

Rifle Rental @ $35 a day.

Ammo @ Cost Price.

Spotting Scopes, Bino's and More

It is always fun to bring along a camera with a lens that can zoom more than your phone. Professional Hunters know you are excited to see all of what Africa can show you and will often stop the hunting vehicle for you to take some photos. If you don't have any cameras, the one on your phone will do just fine.

Your professional hunter also takes a lot of photos of your trip, which he can share with you via preferred methods.

You don't need any spotting scopes, unless you are planning to do a long range hunt with us, which we completely support. Other than that, not needed. Rather safe space for Africa Curious and gifts.

Then, it is always nice when a hunter brings along his or she's own bino's. It is a lot of fun helping professional hunters scan sides of hills or looking for an ear twitch on a Kudu 400 yards away.

If you don't have any, that is also not a problem.

Just remember to make sure to bring a travel adaptor for all your electronics to charge.

Want to find out what your packing list for South Africa should look like?

Let Us Plan The Most Incredible 

Adventure South Africa Can Offer 

Hunting with your own rifle or ours, the point is, you will enjoy every second, every moment.

We also have modern hunting rifles that you will recognize and feel familiar with.

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