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Climate in South Africa

The weather in South Africa is generally beautiful. From March to April, you can expect temperatures between 65F and 90F. From May to the end of August, you can expect temperatures between 25F and 55F. If you prefer milder weather than anything from September to November, once again at 65F to 90F.


South Africa's currency is called Rand (Ticker ZAR) Unfortunately, you won't be able to purchase anything in your own currency but are more than welcome to exchange currencies at any bureaus in major towns and airports. You can however use your credit card to pay for items.

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You don't have to worry about any vaccinations or inoculations entering South Africa. All of our major towns and cities have hospitals and professional medical doctors within 30 minutes from our hunting areas. We always advise clients to bring along their own personal medical prescriptions along with your doctor's contact details.

At Wesco Safaris we make sure that all hunting vehicles and lodges carry first aid kits to help with minor accidents. Good advice is to bring a SPF50 sunscreen for the African sun.

We also strongly advise taking out travel insurance for any unforeseen incidence and recommend Global Rescue.


Our camps are equipped with all the modern amenities to ensure your comfort and safety, and wireless internet connectivity. Our electricity supply is at 220v. Please make sure to bring travel adaptors for your electronics.

Camp Gratuities

This is a common question we get asked almost every hunt, and we would like to help you to better understand the procedure. But also worth to mention is that tips for camp staff is not mandatory, it's a good gesture for showing your appreciation.

The following is a guideline for what to expect:

Professional hunters $150 to 200 per day for plains or dangerous game hunts.

Camp Staff $400 per hunt. This includes Chef, cleaning ladies, laundry.

Skinners, trackers, and drivers at $250 - $300 per hunt.

You can always check with your professional hunter or manager about tipping guidelines at the end of your hunt. Please also remember that a tip is the livelihoods of many in this industry. If your professional hunter to staff member deserve a tip due to great service, it will be highly appreciated but not mandatory.


Our hunting accommodations are where you can relax in style after a long day of hunting. Our accommodations include modern amenities such as free Wi-Fi, climate control, laundry facilities, and entertainment options to keep you comfortable and entertained. Relax in the cosy atmosphere of our well-appointed lodging while enjoying the warm ambiance of our open fire cooking. Whether you are an experienced hunter or a novice, our accommodations provide the ideal setting for a memorable hunting trip. Make your reservation with us today and experience the ultimate luxury hunting adventure.

We have multiple hunting areas and with its own lodging. We can always send you some photos of our lodges once you can supply us with a date you are available for the hunting trip.


All of Wesco Safaris hunting areas within South Africa are free of malaria and other dangerous virusses.

Payment Options

There are many ways you can pay for your hunt. We have a card machine available for payments after a hunt. We also make use of Easy to Africa for deposits. Furthermore, we can also send you a link for online payment via email, this is done with a secured payment gateway called PayStack.

You can also arrange a down payment for your hunt, and we will send you a link every month where you can seamlessly make a payment via PayStack or activate a debit order for a specified amount.


You are more than welcome to speak to our representative in the United States for more detail about us and our outfit.

Shane Miller

+1 559 339 8630

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